Reasons for Increased Belly Fat and What to Do About It

The question of what exercises should be done to remove the belly is asked by many women and men. However, training alone may not be enough. The problem of a flat abdomen must be approached in a comprehensive manner, having first found out in advance why fat is deposited in the waist area in the first place.

Causes of the appearance of the abdomen

When the waist is considered normal for men and women, there is a conditional indicator.It is quite simple to calculate; you need to divide the waist by the hips. For example, a woman has an 85-inch waist and 100-inch hips. The formula is as follows: 85/100 = 0.85. The indicator is 0.05 higher. The norm for women is 0.8; for men, it’s less than 1.

It is possible to remove the belly and sides at home only by knowing the reason for their appearance. There may be several options, such as:

  • Disease;
  • Hormonal changes;
  • Wrong lifestyle.

If, for medical reasons, everything is in order, you can pick up a simple set of exercises for the abdomen and waist that will help return the figure to normal. Let’s look at a few common causes of abdominal fat accumulation.

Hormonal belly

The hormone leptin helps regulate the feeling of satiety in the body. If the sensitivity to leptin in the hypothalamus is reduced, then the owner of the beer belly will continue to gain weight and be unable to control their appetite. In this case, it is necessary to undergo an examination and find out whether this is really the case, adjust the rate of food intake, and select special exercises to remove the belly.

A lack of T3 hormone produced by the thyroid gland can lead to excess weight accumulation on the abdomen, chest, and arms. This variant of events is often found in women after childbirth. In this case, you also need to undergo an examination. The doctor will prescribe hormone therapy, as a result of which the excess body weight will go away by itself, if the woman does not overeat.

A third cause of a hormonal belly is type II diabetes.  In this case, the excess production of insulin is triggered.  Those suffering from this disease need to follow a certain diet, selected specifically for this case.  Without the participation of a diabetes doctor specialist, it is impossible to starve or reduce one’s diet.

Another factor that contributes to the appearance of a large waist is menopause. At this point, estrogen begins to be produced less intensively, implying that it previously stimulated an active metabolism. The answer to the question of how to remove fat from the sides in this case is that a woman will have to more carefully monitor her food intake and volume and also start burning fat by increasing physical activity.

Gynecological problems

Uterine fibroids can lead to abdominal growth. In the process of development, it enlarges the uterus to such a size as if a woman is 4 months pregnant. Another reason is the formation of cysts on the ovaries. Their weight can reach 5kg, so if a woman’s belly has begun to grow rapidly over the past months and she knows for sure that she is not pregnant, she urgently needs to undergo an ultrasound scan to exclude fibroids and a CT or MRI to diagnose an ovarian cyst.

Sleep and wakefulness disorders

Paradoxically, you can easily remove fat from the abdomen and sides by starting to get enough sleep. The problem is that when the body is under stress, which is caused by a lack of sleep, the hormone cortisol begins to be produced in excess, which disrupts metabolism. Fat accumulates in the body, seeking to restore wasted resources.

A hunger strike without training

Wanting to get rid of the stomach as soon as possible, people mistakenly believe that for this, you just need to eat less. With the abrupt cancellation of the usual amount of food, the body reacts with stress. It perceives this as an impending hunger strike and begins to strenuously accumulate fat in reserve.

Thus, by depriving yourself of breakfast, you can lose a few calories, but after dinner, they will return in double the volume. That is why diets without physical activity are ineffective, and after a while, the weight returns. Diet must be combined with exercise so that fat does not accumulate while getting used to the new regime.


Sometimes the usual bloating is perceived as being overweight. Weak abdominal muscles combined with junk food can lead to bloating. The most harmful products in this case are flour products, legumes, carbonated drinks, and dairy products. It is necessary to observe what kinds of food lead to gas formation and exclude them from the diet.

Stretched stomach walls

Routine overeating most often leads to the deposition of fat in the abdomen. And the main reason for this is a distended stomach. The walls of this organ are quite elastic, and if you regularly consume a little more food than a person needs at one time, the stomach will quickly adapt to such a diet, and it will be more and more difficult to get a feeling of fullness each time.

In this case, fractional nutrition will help. That is, you need to eat little but often. A serving should fit in one bowl or a 250-gram mug. The break between meals should not exceed 2-3 hours.

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