Estraval Depot (Estradiol Valerate) Injection

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Active Ingredient (Generic Name):Estradiol Valerate
Manufacturer:Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging:10 x 1 ml in 1 vial in box
Strength:10 mg
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Estraval Depot (Estradiol Valerate) Injection
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Buy Estraval Depot (Estradiol Valerate) Injection Generic version of Progynon Depot (Estradiol Valerate) Injection online at a low cost. to heal diseases like those treated with hormone replacement therapy. Know the composition, review, precautions, uses, side effects, dosage (missed or over), substitutes, manufacturer (Actiza Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd.), how long it lasts, and how it works. Get safe and secure delivery in Australia, the UK, the USA, France, and China.

What Is an Estraval Depot?

Estraval Depot contains estradiol valerate, and it is used as a permanent and root-cause fix to make up for the lack of estrogen hormone during menopause and fix the problems that come with it. The injection is a form of hormone replacement therapy that helps women with the common problems they have during menopause or right after surgery to remove their ovaries. Some of the most common problems that this injection is used to treat are hot flashes, trouble sleeping, night sweats, severe headaches, vaginal dryness, mood swings, and a sudden loss of energy. In addition, it is one of the best medicines to prevent bone loss and reduce the chances of fracture. Speaking about this injection, it deserves special mention that it is one of the best remedies for prostate cancer. Oestrogen, a female hormone, promotes the development of female characteristics. It is one of the most commonly prescribed medicines for male-to-female transgender people who are having trouble with different things.

It’s important to point out that it’s a prescription drug, and you should always talk to your doctor before starting to take this injection. The FDA hasn’t approved the medicine yet, but it can be bought legally in India, Australia, the UK, parts of Europe, and the USA.

How does it work?

The key ingredient in this injection is oestradiol valerate. It is derived from natural oestradiol, the most potent form of oestrogen and the primary hormone in women. Every unit of this injection comes with a sterile solution that gets to the root of menopause problems and fixes them for good. It works as an intramuscular injection. Oestrogen is a naturally occurring steroid hormone that is produced by the ovaries to bind specific receptors in oestrogen-sensitive cells. Consequently, it stimulates the protein to produce breast development and monitor the menstrual cycle. This female hormone is also responsible for a number of other things, such as the process of metabolism and keeping lipid metabolism and bone mass stable.

Use of Estraval Depot Injection

Since this injection contains oestrogen, it is given to women going through menopause to treat sudden hot flashes, extreme mood swings, vaginal dryness, and knots. Most importantly, it is one of the best ways for young women who don’t make enough estrogen on their own to treat low estrogen. Also, doctors use this injection to treat women who are at risk of getting prostate cancer, especially those who are going through menopause and have unusual vaginal discharge because their hormones aren’t working right. This injection is one of the best remedies for such troubles.

How do I take it?

This formulation gets infused into the muscles. If the medicine is prescribed to treat prostate tumors in men, it needs to be taken for two weeks. The exact measurement gets determined based on the patient’s health condition and the reaction to the drug. Keep in mind that you should start taking this drug only after consulting your physician. Prior to applying the injection, please check for outward particles or staining. If such issues are found, you should not use the fluid. You should keep taking the injection for the duration suggested by your physician. You should never stop taking the medicine midway between the suggested courses.


Actiza Pharmaceuticals deserves credit for developing this medicine. The company got incorporated in 2010 in India, and to date, they are one of the major players in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. They are one of the leading pharmaceutical exporters from India.

Side effects

As nothing under the sun is absolutely white, these worthy medicines have a few downsides as well. The only way to reduce the chances of side effects is to start taking the injection only after consulting your physician.

Minor Side effects

The most common side effects of this injection are swelling, headaches, tender breasts, and sudden weight changes. These troubles arise while the body keeps coping with the drug. As such, the problems should not last for long. However, if this occurs, you must seek appropriate medical attention as soon as possible.

Major side effects

The most common major side effects of this medicine are swelling in the hands and feet, breast lumps, abnormal vaginal discharge, nausea and vomiting that don’t go away, dark urine, and mood swings that are too big and happen too often. In addition, patients are likely to experience the following issues:

  • Intensification of the vaginal discharge trouble that can come with a foul odor
  • Excessive pain in the abdomen or stomach
  • Pale skin and eyes
  • Excessive thirst and urge for urination
  • Abnormal sweating
  • Blood-stained cough
  • Drastic vision changes
  • Breathing troubles
  • Acute dizziness

If you notice these problems and they last longer than usual, go to your doctor right away for appropriate treatment. If these side effects are ignored and not treated, they are likely to get worse quickly. Therefore, such measures never get the endorsement of specialists.

Usage of Estraval Depot Injection

Hormone Replacement Therapy

The injection contains activated oestradiol valerate, which is the most active female hormone. It is responsible for major sexual changes in women and plays a big role in controlling the menstrual cycle. It comes under the category of infusion agents that find application in hormone replacement therapy. It can make up for the fact that the ovaries don’t make enough female hormones on their own. It is one of the best remedies to address the most frequent troubles that arise during menopause.

Transgender Treatment

It is one of the most powerful things that can change the sexual orientation of a man to a woman because it is a source of oestradiol, which is one of the main things that the female hormone does. It paves the way for female sexual orientation in transgender people and, more importantly, brings significant improvement to the metabolic changes and gives a better touch to the body’s shape.

Feminizing Hormone Therapy

This injection contains oestradiol valerate, a sterile oil that is one of the most effective agents for feminizing hormone therapy. It makes a big difference in the sexual orientations and qualities of women and is a big part of how well the sexual reorientation program for transgender people who are changing from male to female works.

When not to use it

Women who are already taking other medications for vaginal discharge or infection should avoid taking this medication.

It is not suitable for women during their pregnancy or immediately after delivery.

 A doctor will only recommend this medicine to an older woman if the possible benefits are much greater than the usual health risks.

It is not advised to apply for a girl child under the age of twelve.

The medicine is not suitable for women who are diabetic.



If you smoke a lot or use tobacco in any form in large amounts while taking this medicine, it may cause your blood to clot more easily, which can lead to heart problems and strokes.

Sun Exposure

It could make your skin turn a very dark color, which would be hard to get rid of later on.

Depilatory (Hair removal) use

It is an intramuscular injection and, hence, not suitable for this purpose. It should not be applied with similar intentions for any reason whatsoever.


application on the eyes can cause vision changes. It is likely to cause temporary vision loss.


To get the best result from this medicine, you should keep taking it as long as suggested by the physician. Your doctor will figure out the right dose for you based on your current health and how you react to the first dose. Usually, patients need to take a vial at 4-week intervals. In some cases, the doctor may suggest giving the drug more often or waiting longer between doses. As a result, you should avoid self-medication with this medication and stick to the dose prescribed by your doctor.

Overdosing will cause some of the side effects mentioned above, but it won’t speed up the positive effects.

If you have recently missed a dose, you should take it as soon as you remember. However, if the next dose schedule is shortly to come, you better wait for your schedule.


Interaction with Alcohol

The medicine is likely to interact with alcohol and trigger excessive dizziness. Hence, it will help if you refrain from taking alcohol in any form while running through the course of this medicine.

Interaction with Medicine

This medication should not be combined with diabetes medications. If you inevitably need to take this medicine, you should better stop taking diabetes medicines before you start taking the injection.

Interaction with foods

While you are getting this injection, it is best to avoid foods that are likely to make you allergic.

Interactions with health conditions

not good for people who have problems with their blood sugar and blood pressure that keep coming back. Please take time out to consult your physician before you start taking the injection.

How to store it?

It will help if you store the medicine in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. Please ensure that you store the medicine away from the reach of children.

Where Can I Purchase Estraval Depot Injection Online?

You should always buy this medicine from licensed and reputed pharmacies on the Web. It will help you avoid buying fake medicines, which can be very bad for your health if you take them.

Why buy from us?

We are one of the authorized dealers of this worthy medicine. We are the one-stop solution for medicines from the top global brands, and we ensure that you get authentic products. Our online pharmacy has a reputation for operating with utmost transparency. The best part is that we can get you the best deals on all orders. We challenge that no other web pharmacies can ever match our price challenge, leaving them few chances to beat it.

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Estraval Depot (Estradiol Valerate) Injection