Cancellation Policy

fatboyfitman is the dependable online drug store whose fundamental goal of is to give 100% fulfillment to their regarded clients. They put their best exertion to satisfy every one of the requests that client put and keep up conveyance plan carefully. At the point when a client gives request for a particular item then they give the particular material client demand for and use client data to convey the items. There can generally be a motivation behind why a client or the seller may need to drop their request. They keep their retraction arrangement adaptable for their clients. Undoing approach will be pertinent for the accompanying circumstance:

  • Confinement of amount accessible for procurement: If the amount of the item that a client is organization for is less or the supply of that particular item is inaccessible then the crossing out arrangement will be relevant.
  • Debates and grumblings: If client discover any contest in the item then they ought to connect with their client care group promptly so they can give help to locate a neighborly arrangement.
  • Inaccessible of stock:When an item that a client want sis found inaccessible then the request wiping out strategy will be appropriate.
  • Unpaid request: They don’t advance any unpaid request.
  • Crossing out by client: Customer can drop request at whatever point he/she needs yet there must be a valid justification to do it.
  • Non-Receipt of Payment: Non-receipt installment is considered as dropping of request.
  • Refund:If any client paid by a charge card or check/cash request then they send back if the accessible sum has not been stored.
  • Complete fulfillment: on the off chance that, if customers are disappointed with any of their items, they can answer to the client care group. On the off chance that, they can’t unravel client gives then they give a total substitution or return the cash.