My amazing journey from Fat Boy to Fit Man

Just a little over 3 years ago I was in the worst shape of my life. Not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally. I believe these all go hand in hand.

In 2008 I had ballooned to almost 300 lbs standing at 6' and my body fat percentage was well over 40%. I could barely fit into 42" pants and I had to start buying shirts at "Big & Tall" stores.  My blood pressure was elevated and I felt tired all the time.  If I walked up a flight of steps, I would lose my breath.  My joints were hurting, and I was always getting some type of flu or cold.

In March of 2008, shortly before the end of an almost 18 year marriage, I had what many would call an epiphany. One day I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn't believe how fat and unhealthy I had allowed myself to get. At that moment, I knew I had to do something to change this downward spiral. As I thought about past attempts to lose weight, I realized that the "quick fixes" and fad diets I had tried, although successful short term, were not going to work if I wanted to make LIFE-LONG changes.

That is when I decided to try a different approach and came up with the principles of ONE STEP AT A TIME = SUCCESS!  Small, consistent changes allowed me to achieve the body I have today - 180 POUNDS with 10% body fat.  My goal initially was not to get "Fit", rather to just get a tad bit healthier.  But as I started to feel better about myself and seeing the weight and inches dwindle, it motivated me to learn and do more.  Fast forward 4 years later, and I have transformed from a lethargic, obese guy, to an avid fitness enthusiast that has several 5K, 10K and half marathons under my belt.

My drive and passion today is to help inspire, motivate and teach others how to achieve their goals of a healthier weight, a positive mind-set and fitness ideas to suit every lifestyle.

Here, I will share with you my journey along with ideas, tips and things I have learned along the way, in the hopes of inspiring, motivating and helping you achieve your goals...ONE STEP AT A TIME!

I hope that by sharing my life-changing experiences, as well as those I have already helped, I can serve as an inspiration and motivation for those of  you who truly want to make positive life-long changes....physically, emotionally and psychologically.      

I want to hear all about YOUR journey, YOUR stories, YOUR progress, YOUR questions!  We are ALL in this together!  I look forward to hearing from you.