Coaching and Support

4 Week Comprehensive Weight Loss Coaching

  • 45-60 minute initial consultation.
  • Weekly 30 minute motivational and weight loss coaching session for 3 weeks.
  • Unlimited access to me via email ( I will usually respond the same day).
  • Individualized advice and guidance for goal setting and achievement. (Here I get really detailed and we work a plan designed specifically for you).
  • Recipes for healthy eating.
  • Detailed advice on how to start becoming more active.
  • Specific advice on show to overcome temptations in different situations.
  • Access to me directly if you have what I call a "crisis" (for example, you need some motivation to exercise on a particular day, you're attending a party and need some advice on what to eat or some encouragement on staying away from certain foods or some other issues that you would need immediate attention with).
  • I will also check in on you via text, phone or email between our weekly consultations.
  • Special emails with informational articles that I do not post on my website or Facebook page.
  • I will connect you with other willing clients to help motivate and inspire each other.
  • Access to weight loss, fitness and motivational/inspirational affiliates.
  • You will be mentioned on my Facebook page and Website so that others can post and encourage you. (This is a great form of getting encouragement and feeling part of a like-minded "family". I will only post names, pictures, progression with the permission of each client).

Monthly Coaching Fee: $279 (Introductory offer)