Decide you WANT to make a change!

Before you can do ANYTHING, you must first make a decision that you WANT to do SOMETHING.  Notice I did not say NEED or HAVE TO, but WANT!  This want must come from within YOU,  not because others are doing it or because your spouse, your kids, your friends or your parents are driving you crazy.  In order to make changes that last, you must WANT it for YOU!  Period!

Make a SMALL change in eating habits

Once you have decided that you WANT to get healthier, start out by making one small change to what and how you are eating on a daily basis.  Follow through with this change for at least 7 days.   At the end of those 7 days, add another SMALL change and continue this for 7 days.  Continuing this pattern will allow you to slowly replace old, unhealthy habits with new healthier ones. 

Make a SMALL change in your activity level!

Now that you have made a change in your eating habits, it is time to make a SMALL change in your daily physical activities. 

Most of you have probably been living a very sedentary life style or have have spent years not getting enough daily physical activity.  One problem many people run into when they decide to begin exercising, in order to lose weight, is to try and go from "0-60" in two seconds FLAT!  Not only is your body not used to such activities, neither is your MIND, which is the most difficult to change.  The human body is resilient and is capable of MUCH more than you think.  It is the mind that is the toughest to break and therefore is why you must "train" it slowly,....ONE STEP AT A TIME!

One of the best exercises you can start with is something that most of us can do easily........WALKING!  You don't need a gym membership, any special machines, and you can't use the excuse that you can't get "there". 

Start out by walking 15 minutes every day.  This will not only help you get exercise, but most importantly it will help you build commitment to your weight loss journey.