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Kelly Park Stephenson gets Kelly Park Stephenson shows how losing weight can

Kelly Park Stevenson, Lake City, Florida

I have always struggled with my weight from being in my teens with an eating disorder and as an adult after having my children. Before I was pregnant I was "skinny" but only because I would barely eat and be so self conscious about it that it made me unhappy. I gained nearly 100lbs or more with both of my kids. I lost the weight after baby #1 getting back down to 130ish but losing it with #2 was so much harder. My higest weight after giving birth was around 213ish...it wasnt until I started to follow the Eat Clean Diet, weight train, and cardio that I saw results. I was tired of yo yo dieting, diet pills, fad diets, and always feeling sluggish. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I made a positive lifestyle change and I havent looked back. I continue this lifestyle and hope to inspire others along their journey. I juggle a full schedule like everyone else and still make time to workout. For once I am not "fat" or "skinny", I am FIT & HEALTHY. Do it for yourself and never give up. Believe in yourself.