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Matt Vinnegar, Los Angeles, California

I started out in November 2010 weighing in at 276 pounds With a 33% BMI. Bad health, High Blood pressure and cholesterol. I knew I needed to make changes. My Girlfriend told me i could do it But i just didn't believe in myself. But i gave it a try anyways. I Joined Bally's Total Fitness North Hollywood CA. Motivation level was High. Then the following month the girlfriend that helped me get started passed away. Hard times hit me. But I didn't want to give up. Now It was up to me. To put in the hard work! Diet I wasn't ever a fan of I was just working out. Then in March 2011, I went to a Supplement event at N101 Nutrition Hollywood CA. I from then on understood how important Diet is. So I started doing my own research online and at book stores. I learned it. I reached out to those on Facebook. learned amazing tips. Then I met up with Big Back Grips.They set up Events selling the product and have Lat Pull down Contests. WOW Now here comes the real Motivation where I knew I had to set some Goals. If I wanted to make it to the Top and Become a Bodybuilder. My Goals I set are little ones and realistic ones. This has all helped me to be what I am So far today. July 2012 at 171 pounds with a 16% BMI. Better yet at Amazing Health! Happier then i ever have been in my life!